Holiday Cottage in the heart of the Devon countryside

Welcome to our smallholding.

We moved to our smallholding from London a few years ago. We wanted to have a change of life-style, try to be more self sufficient and have less impact on the environment around us. To this effect we have solar hot water in the farm house and the cottage and wood burners in both, fed by wood produced on our land and solar electric panels. 
We have a small flock of Shetland sheep in our field as grass cutters with the benefit of lamb. In 2021 we have welcomed some new additions to our smallholding, 3 Pigmy Goats. We also keep some chickens for snail and slug control and to produce wonderfully tasty free range eggs which we sometimes have available to buy (if the girls are behaving themselves and laying their eggs where we can find them).

Goldfinch and Siskin having some winter food.